Celebrating the unique details in every shot,every subject, and every client.


Brian Murphy behind the camera

Living in the Details.

From early on in life, I was raised celebrating details.  My passion for the details in life are passed along to each client I work with.  While many suggest that "the devil is in the details", I take the famed architect Mies van der Rohe's quote to heart:  "God is in the detail."

Life is completely dependent upon the details, whether it is life itself or a manufactured object, so why not celebrate everything about the details?  I have had much success in applying this in the business world, the hospitality industry, in restaurants, and in a classroom.  My experience allows me to capture details and detailed moments in history with photography and find just the right mood and tone for each shot.  Black and white?  Rich color?  A little editing to give it a specific "feel"?  Perhaps left alone so natural beauty is the most prominent thing?  All are possibilities, as my approach to photography and consulting is adjusting for each shot and each client.    

When you explore my gallery, you will see different looking shots, subject matter, models, and landscapes.   I hope you like what you see, and I hope to add your very personal work to my gallery.