Celebrating the unique details in every shot,every subject, and every client.



Interested in a photoshoot?  Let’s discuss!  It is important to celebrate the details and different aspects in your life through photos!  Do you have family or personal moments that you want captured?  Perhaps just some quality photos of yourself without the use of a mirror or selfie stick?  Living in the Details can help capture the best and provide you with high quality images that can be framed or simply shared on social media. 

Living in the Details can take a photojournalistic approach and tell your story and/or do posed shoots.  Graduation/Senior photos, weddings, parties, hobbies, photos for your blog – all are an option.   Let’s discuss the details.

Social Media Packages

Many businesses suffer from a stagnant social media presence.  Living in the Details can help.  Together, we will figure out exactly what people NEED to know about your business.  Next, we will schedule a shoot or series of shoots where we can capture the important aspects of your business .  These images will be scrutinized and edited in a way that makes them interesting and attractive to your target demographic.  The images are then handed off to you so you can proceed with a portfolio of quality images that can be doled out little by little or all at once.  Your choice.  Investing in quality images for social media is crucial for long-term success, and when you have an arsenal of quality images to choose from, the people responsible for taking photos with their phone just to get something posted for your business can focus on making the business better. 

Content Creation

Creating engaging content is crucial, and an eye for detail is necessary for quality content.  Brian Murphy has experience writing for several platforms and is able to adjust voice and content for clients.  Brian is a dedicated writer, learning all there is to know about subjects and clients in order to offer work that uses an intriguing perspective and offers readers of various backgrounds important takeaways from every piece created.   


Like something you have seen on the website or on the Living in the Details Instagram feed?  Know that a higher-resolution image exists and is begging to be enlarged and put in your home, office, etc. 


Email questions about these or any other photo or writing services to:  brian@livinginthedetails.com